Brian and Michelle King

In 1990, Brian and Michelle were married after graduating from Appalachian Bible College. Early on, their focus was on youth and camp ministry. In 1993, God blessed them with a son, Joshua. After Serving as youth pastor, for a total of 8 years, Brian accepted a position as pastor. Brian has been privileged to pastor churches in Western Virginia, Ohio, and most recently Alaska. On September 1, 2015, they boarded a ferry to begin a long drive back to the eastern US, not knowing for sure where God was taking them. Bethany Chapel was “on the radar” but by no means a sure thing. After meeting with the church family, both they and the church had come to believe this was God’s place for them. Brian officially accepted the position as pastor on October 4th, 2015.


Brian is a blue jeans and flannel shirt type of guy. Michelle is thankfully a bit more refined, enjoying music and reading. Both share a heart for God, His Word and His people. They also have a heart for those outside the family of God. With a commitment to proclaim God’s truth as recorded in the Bible, a love for the sheep of God’s fold, and a passion to reach the lost, Brian and Michelle come to Bethany Chapel excited about the days ahead. They expect God to do great things for His glory! Come be a part of this. Join us. We’d love to see you this Sunday.